Triple the space in your closet with this trick

A simple and economical solution to organize all your clothes in a jiffy

Autumn has arrived and, with it, the dreaded wardrobe change. Swimsuits, tank tops, and shorts are put away to make room for wool, jackets, and long-sleeved blouses. And of course, when we get down to work and try to put the order through this herculean mission that is to remove, divide and fold, we always complain about the same thing, how little space we have.

For this reason, we present a simple and economical solution to be able to triple the space in your closet and organize your clothes in no time. You will only need the rings of the cans that you are going to throw away. Yes, as you read it. With this tiny object, you will gain space in your closet and, in addition, you will not have to spend a single euro buying things online.

To put this trick into practice, all you have to do is take a hanger, put one of the ring openings through the hook and hang another hanger through the small opening available. In this way, and using two rings for every three hangers, you will be able to solve the chaos and triple the capacity of your wardrobe.