Tricks to prevent mosquitoes from invading your home

In the summer stage, the mosquito pests return, but you can keep them away from your home

One of the summer classics that does not fail year after year is the proliferation of insects in our cities and towns. The annoying flies or mosquitoes with their bites appear wherever one goes, and they sneak into every corner.

Especially annoying is when these insects appear in our home, threatening to break our tranquility or our concentration in cases of teleworking, and in some cases increasing the probability of suffering the annoying bites.

One of the simplest and most effective methods to prevent both flies and mosquitoes from training our house is the traditional mosquito nets, which anyone can easily install on their windows. It is the best option if we want to simplify the problem and solve it in the most basic and efficient way.

Among the most traditional tricks to avoid these insects is also the option of placing a glass of vinegar with water or leaving half a lemon on the window. In many cases, the smell they give off prevents mosquitoes from daring to leave the street where they can fly freely to sneak into your territory. A similar option taken to the extreme is to rub the lemon on your skin to feel more confident, but be careful with the eyes and other sensitive areas.

Just as natural is the option of placing plants that repel the presence of mosquitoes, and among them, the queen is citronella, easy to find and with an essence that these small animals do not like at all. If you do not like the plant as such or prefer not to place it in your home, there is the option of putting candles with its scent or taking a body cream with its essence.

The eucalyptus oil with lemon essence is one of the most effective remedies, and can even mix with shampoo or moisturizer to make application easier. Putting 15 drops of this liquid in a water diffuser will also usually work, and if you don’t want to buy it, you can collect the remaining liquid by boiling eucalyptus at home yourself.

The last tip is the option of preparing a mosquito trap. The simplest can be made with a quarter cup of brown sugar, a cup of warm water, and a gram of yeast. You heat the water, dissolve the sugar and sprinkle without stirring the yeast. The perfect container to place it is a large soda bottle with the spout cut into a funnel shape. Mosquitoes will go to the mixture attracted by its gases but they will hardly be able to get out of it.