Tips to improve the ventilation of your home

Not renewing the air in a home can bring anxiety, stress or headaches

The ventilation of a house is not only important in summer, if not at all times of the year. Cold or hot, it is good to renew the air in a home at least once a day to avoid health problems. And is that poor ventilation can bring anxiety, stress, headaches, as well as temperature problems inside the home, drafts, humidity, and even unwanted energy losses.

For this reason, it is important to monitor and improve the ventilation system of homes, and here are some tips to do it correctly.

Types of ventilation

To get natural air to flow through your home without the need for a mechanical renovation system, try ventilating your home naturally, as has been done your entire life. Take a moment of the day, ideally first thing in the morning, and open the windows of your house wide to let the air renew. In this way, you will also be avoiding condensation, as well as the appearance of humidity. It is advisable to leave the windows open for 30 minutes in order to eliminate the humidity produced by breathing during the night.

You can also try cross-ventilation, a type of ventilation that relies on drafts. You just have to open two windows in opposite places of the house and let the air circulate.

Another way to renew the air is through mechanical elements or ventilation devices. In this sense, we must also pay attention to the tightness of the windows since they must allow a minimum exchange of air that ensures the well-being and health of the inhabitants of the house.

Types of ventilation devices

Closed or humid places such as the bathroom or kitchen have ventilation systems to renew the air. There are only two types of ventilation devices on the market and they are as follows:

-Simple flow systems: this is an extractor that removes polluted air from a house by taking it to the street through air ducts. Of course, it does not control the inlet air, so in this type of system, replacement air inlets must be provided. In this way, the extraction of contaminated air will be guaranteed without difficulty.

-Dual flow systems: These systems do not just get rid of polluted air, but also treat the intake air in different ways. Its main characteristics are filtration, refrigeration, heat recovery, and dehumidification. In addition, some of these systems include the option of performing an antibacterial treatment, perfect for people with allergy problems.


Dual-flow ventilation systems, in addition to having the aforementioned characteristics, have a series of advantages, such as:

1.Saving energy and caring for the environment thanks to the reduction of the use of combustion or air conditioning systems.

2.Enjoy a much purer air thanks to its filter system, thus avoiding possible respiratory diseases.

3.Have air conditioning thanks to heat recovery units.

4.Peace of mind and comfort thanks to its silent work.