Tips and ideas for wrapping Christmas presents

Surprise your family and friends with the most original packages for these holidays

Christmas is synonymous with gifts. These are days of sharing illusions with family and friends and there are many who are striving more and more to be the most original. They no longer only seek to surprise with the content of the gifts, but also with their wrapping.

For this reason, we have selected a series of tricks and ideas to surprise everyone when it comes to wrapping Christmas gifts.

Star ‘shiny-shiny’

Christmas and stars go together hand in hand. Therefore, this way of wrapping the gift will captivate more than one. You only need to get gold confetti, glitter, tape, and smooth paper. Attach the sparkly stars to the clear duct tape or tape, and use it as a decorative tape for your gift.

Rudolph is coming to see you

If you want your gift to have the face of Rudolph, Santa’s star helper, you will only need wrapping paper, cardboard or felt, and red wool. Draw the horns and eyes on a piece of cardboard or felt sheet. Cut them out with scissors or a utility knife and glue them to the gift. With short pieces of red wool, make the typical red nose of this friendly reindeer.

Alphabet soup

Another original way to cover a gift is to use an alphabet soup and that it has a personalized message, either congratulating the holidays or underlining the name of the recipient.

Deflated balloons

Surely at home, you have balloons that you have leftover from anniversaries or summer water wars. If you want to get rid of them and at the same time do it in a fun way, tie them together like a ribbon and decorate your package as in the photo.

With an old box of cereal

An ecological packaging (you reuse a material destined for the garbage) that becomes a perfect cardboard box to house a gift inside.