This ‘miracle water’ is the latest trend against the heat. What does the doctor say?

It is one of the drinks that in recent years has become fashionable in Mediterranean countries, especially when heat waves arrive and we seek to combat thirst with a liquid that is easy to make, delicious to drink, fresh, and healthy.

All these virtues come together in ‘watermelon water’, a fruit-based drink that its fans claim makes you lose weight, make you brown, hydrate the skin, and is good for fighting aging, cellulite …

But what is the truth in the multiple medical virtues attributed to this drink?

Its benefits’

The first thing and this is very true, is that it is a highly recommended drink to stay well hydrated when, as it happens these days, temperatures skyrocket.

The second thing is that ‘the apostles’ of watermelon water claim that it has vitamins A, B1, B2, and C. They also say that it provides minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sulfur, and silicon. They even claim that it is a rich source of antioxidants.

And above all, it is low in calories, with only 29 per 100 grams.

So with all this, it is not surprising that there are those who describe it as the ‘miracle water’. More if we take into account that some articles add to their benefits that it raises the defenses and that it is ideal to maintain a young and slender type.

Because, they say, it slims, is good against cellulite, is an appetite suppressant, reduces bad cholesterol, eliminates fat, fights constipation, hydrates the skin, purifies the blood, prevents and reduces uric acid, cures hangovers, controls hypertension is diuretic, improves the state of the nervous system, cleanses the body and is even anti-cancer.

But of course, as this is a health website, we are going to medically see what is true and false in all these statements.

It’s falseā€¦

Starting with aesthetics, our expert nutritionists assure us that it is false that it fights cellulite. Neither does pineapple, which is another fruit to which this ‘healing’ capacity is attributed.

What is true is that if we eat a lot of watermelons we can fill ourselves up and, consequently, eat less fattening products. That will make us lose weight and, it is no mystery, if we lose weight we will have less cellulite.

But that will happen if we eat enough because watermelon is not an appetite suppressant either. It is true that its ‘meat’ has a bit of fiber, which always helps to increase the feeling of fullness, but the juice does not have the same effects nor does it work the same.

It is also false that it eliminates bad fats and that watermelon water is a digestive. It is true that it is digested well because it has no fat at all (and even less with water) but it does not help at all to improve digestion.

In addition, watermelon is a fruit very rich in lycopene, which is what gives it its characteristic and appealing red color. And this antioxidant is related to the reduction of cholesterol, the prevention of some types of cancer, the decrease in blood pressure, and bad cholesterol … but there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that can support these claims.

It’s true and healthy …

But there is also a good part of this drink, and many of the praises it receives are deserved.

For example, it is recommended because its rich flavor encourages you to drink more, which in these days of high temperatures is very important. And despite the sweetness it has, it does not cause spikes in blood sugar, as long as we do not abuse it excessively.

Another virtue that is certain is that it helps to tan the skin. Because like carrots, watermelon contains carotenoids, an antioxidant substance that promotes the production of melanin. And as is popularly known, this pigment is responsible for protecting the skin from UV rays, and its production is what causes the darkening of the skin color.

You could also say, refining a lot, that it is a little true that it is good for the heart. The reason is that its vitamin C and carotenoid content, consumed regularly, helps fight against cell aging and cardiovascular diseases.

And finally, what is absolutely true, we insist, is that watermelon water is a magnificent refreshing drink for these hard days of heat. Because it is delicious and it sure helps us drink more.

A recipe to make watermelon water today

It is so simple to do that you do not need a recipe, and the only complication could be cleaning the seeds.

In any case, in case someone doesn’t know where to start, it’s that simple:

We take a quarter of a watermelon. We remove the seeds as much as we can, and we cut them into cubes. Then we put it in a container with about 2 liters of water and we crush it with the mixer until the mixture is with the texture that we want the most, although completely liquid it enters better.

Then we add a splash of lemon juice to give it more flavor, and we sweeten it to our liking. Better with natural sweeteners.

Finally, we put ice on it and cool it as much as we can so that the enjoyment is greater, in the middle of the torrid heat of these days.

To add an idea that makes it even more appealing, there is a way to present it that will make us hit the ball with any guest who appears at home.

It is as easy as cutting the watermelon in half, emptying it with a spoon, if we don’t have a more specialized instrument, and using it as a glass to drink the watermelon water with some straws. But, yes, not the plastic ones that are thrown away and contaminate.