Practice exercise with your dog without leaving home during confinement

We present you a guide with which to stay in shape without leaving your home and with the best company

With the new reinforced government measures that further limit the possibility of leaving home, living rooms and bedrooms are becoming multipurpose spaces. One of the best ways to stay in shape is to exercise at home . For pets to benefit from this too, Rover, the world’s largest 5-star network of pet sitters and dog walkers, has developed a guide to staying fit with your pets at home during confinement.

This guide consists of 10 exercises in which both pets and their owners will exercise their muscles. Remember that, for your dog to enjoy as much as you, you will have to have treats or treats on hand!

1. Squats and leg

The key? To include your dog in this activity, take both of your child’s front legs and hold them in front of you. Squat down, and allow your dog to drop a few inches as well. Then, both of you return to the starting position.

2. Play with toilet paper rolls

An agility workout can be a great challenge for your four-legged partner’s mind and body. In addition, it is a way of recycling.

3. Twists and treats

The best training you can give your little one is to exercise his mind! Engage your dog by letting him see a toy and then hide it in your hands. Follow the steps in the guide and keep your mind always sharp.

4. Tug of war

Using your dog’s favorite toy to play tug of war, hold one end of the toy and without letting go, do a squat, that is, squat down while your dog has the other end of the toy in his mouth. Then he goes back up and then falls back into a squatting position.

5. Lunge and balance

For this exercise you will need space. As you strengthen your leg muscles, your dog’s job will be to follow your instructions and think about what you are doing. This will stimulate and tire you.

6. Play throwing the ball while doing squats

Throw the ball or toy for your dog to fetch him / her, then instead of waiting for him standing, take advantage of that time to do as many squats as you can until your little one returns.

7. Jump, jump, jump

Jumping and dodging obstacles is a fun activity you can do with your dog indoors or out, and it’s a great way to get cardio training.

8. Abs

Get into a classic abdominal position. Hold your dog’s favorite toy with both hands, let your little one see the toy, then start to sit up without sitting up completely, and stop when you feel your abs are starting to work. Your dog will have to follow the series with you.

9. The table and the dog toy

It is about exercising obedience games. The goal is for dogs to focus on their owners and on the tasks and / or commands they hear.

10. Do yoga with your dog

Finish your training with a little Doga (this word is made up of two words in English: dog (dog) and yoga). Take time to sit next to your dog and pet him, to reduce the energy that was during that fun training that you have done together.