How to clean your laptop keyboard

It is one of the areas that gets the most dirty and one of the most forgotten when cleaning the equipment

The laptop keyboard may be one of those areas that are least paid attention to, and that is one of the most used. If the equipment is used to work, the amount of dirt that can accumulate in this area is very large. But for a perfect cleaning, special care must be taken so that the keyboard is not damp.

Items to use

-Microfiber cloths
-Isopropyl alcohol (minimum 90%)
-Compressed air spray
-Cotton buds
-Levers ‘spudgers’

How do you clean it?

If what you want is to perform a basic cleaning, the most important thing is to turn off the computer and disconnect it from the electrical current.

Turning it over so that the dirt remains fall is one of the first steps, if those small pieces of dust and residue do not come out, the best and gentlest thing is to use a spray of compressed air.

Once most of the dirt has been removed, a microfiber cloth or brush and a cotton swab dipped in alcohol are used to dab into the keyholes.

Finally, a few drops of isopropyl alcohol on a microfiber cloth are perfect for removing dirt from the surface of the keys. After this, you will have to wait a few minutes, until it dries, to use it again.

Carrying out this cleaning irregularly is recommended, especially now that disinfection is already part of daily life due to the coronavirus pandemic.

From time to time you can also perform deep cleaning. For this, a lever or a ‘spudger’ is used to remove the dirt very delicately by passing a microfiber cloth with a little alcohol.