How to clean and keep books in good condition

Here are some tips to remove dust without damaging the cover or the pages

Although the use of electronic books is increasingly widespread, paper books continue to occupy a large space on the shelves of our homes. However, over time, these specimens can deteriorate if special attention is not paid to their cleaning and care.

And is that books accumulate dust like any other item that we have stacked or on the shelves at home. You might routinely dust those shelves, but it sure isn’t as often that you take the time to clean each one of your books. For this reason, we advise you to make room in your agenda and follow the following tips to remove dust from books and leave them as just bought.

The first thing to keep in mind is that books cannot be cleaned with a damp cloth, since doing so will have a greater chance of mold stains. To avoid this tragedy, the ideal way to remove dust from books is by using an electrostatic cloth. With a single pass and lightly rubbing the cover, you can get rid of most of the dirt.

For the pages we used instead of a soft bristle toothbrush or even a small hairbrush, making movements that follow the direction from the joint to the outside. Of course, when doing so, keep the book closed since, if you clean the pages with the copy open, you will only get the dust to sneak between the sheets and you can also fold the pages with the bristles of the brush.

How to keep the books in good condition?

With these precautions, we will be able to remove dust from our books without risking ruining the cover or its interior. In any case, certain precautions must be taken to preserve the books well, such as not keeping them on a shelf where the sun gives them a lot since they can end up deteriorating and, what is worse, yellowing of the cover and pages.

Wet places and books don’t get along very well either. Excessive humidity, in addition to producing mold, can alter the ink. This can cause the pages to become ugly and even make it impossible to read them.

But the heat is not good for books either since, if they are placed very close to a stove, for example, they can suffer from the opposite problem to the previous one: lack of humidity. Also, the leaves can become too dry and brittle.