Flat belly or curve of happiness

The belly is not only an aesthetic problem, it is also an indication of poor physical shape

Some people are lucky enough to be born with an enviable physical constitution, they are genetically predisposed to it. Others to achieve and maintain it we must do some specific treatment, but luckily within everyone’s reach.

Who has not ever felt annoyed, uncomfortable, with that supposed curve of happiness? The measurement of the circumference of the abdomen is one of the indicative parameters of risk of metabolic syndrome, or what is the same, being overweight with a tendency to certain types of health problems, which can make life quite uncomfortable. The World Health Organization (WHO) has established figures above which the alarm should be raised. For men, this abdominal circumference should not exceed 94 cm and for women, it should not exceed 80 cm. Above that, there is an increased risk of heart and circulatory problems, a tendency to diabetes, etc. Hence, unfortunately, the happiness curve is not exactly what it says it is.

We see, therefore, that it is not only an aesthetic problem. It is an indication of poor physical shape, which makes us more vulnerable, even irritable, uncomfortable, and heavy.

Diagnostics and plans

Today we have different methods of diagnosing the origin of this curve. And of vital importance for its resolution is knowing what it is due to. Abdominal distension is not the same, often caused by food intolerance, poor lifestyle habits, digestive dysfunction …, which can cause symptoms of abdominal inflammation. In these cases, we carry out a blood test that helps us determine the healthiest type of diet for that patient and their state of health. Through a balanced diet, what we call the Metabolic Balance Plan, we manage to reset the patient’s metabolism. The abdominal circumference figure will decrease, but not only that, but it will also improve all the functions of the organism, digestive, circulatory, pancreatic … and even in the skin, an evident improvement is observed, in short, less stress, less inflammation. Consequence: quality of life.

Another cause would already be the increase in fat located in the abdomen. Here it would be necessary to distinguish if it is visceral or intra-abdominal fat (within the muscular wall and around the organs), which is the most dangerous for health as it hinders the proper functioning of these vital organs; or extra-abdominal or subcutaneous fat, which is what is stored under the skin.

In the first case, the treatment must be under three clear and well-defined concepts. At the same time and jointly we must carry out three steps: correction of lifestyle habits by performing dietary control, increasing physical exercise, and treatment in consultation, through the application of focused ultrasounds, which are mainly aimed at intra-abdominal fat. These ultrasonic waves stimulate the nerve endings of the sympathetic nerve, activating a hormone that will produce a lipolysis process (decomposition of fat from the adipocyte or fat cell, which is thus converted into a source of energy for the body that is quickly consumed for the musculature Two weekly sessions are recommended for 4-6 weeks.
In the second case, subcutaneous fat, it also has a clear and precise treatment. There is the Lipolaser technique, as long as it is a person with a normal weight and without a tendency to obesity. Through the action of a fine and flexible laser fiber, introduced into the adipose tissue itself, we achieve, thanks to the intense heat it generates, the dilution or fluidization of that fat. By becoming a liquid mass, its aspiration is very simple and not very traumatic. In this case, we require two days of rest and a compression girdle for 15 days, but immediate and permanent results are achieved. That fat, when extracted, never reappears, it is a permanent loss and forever.

We can affirm that happiness is not given by the abdominal curve, but by a healthy, healthy life and in good physical shape. If in addition, the belly is flat, much better.

To get a flat stomach, there are no miracle products.

If you want to achieve this, you must change your habits and be constant.