Does drinking water lose weight?

To begin, straight to the point, it can be said that water does not have any slimming properties. But what is certain is that substituting certain drinks such as juices, soft drinks or alcohols, for water, can benefit weight loss.

Scientific studies on the relationship between water and weight loss are inconclusive. Some have indicated that those people who drink more water are thinner. Others reveal that people who are overweight or obese drink less water. Other studies have also been published that associate increased water consumption with greater effectiveness of diets to lose weight …

And what is true, and quite obvious with respect to this last point is that those people who consume sugary drinks in their daily diet, by replacing them with sugar-free liquids eliminate between 400 and 800 kilocalories per day from their diet.

It also seems proven that, physiologically, drinking water causes distension of the stomach wall, which means that the person experiences a feeling of satiety, of “being full”. But there is no evidence that this is related to any beneficial effects on health and weight.

However, combining diets rich in fiber with higher consumption of water can promote the feeling of satiety, which will reduce the intake of more food and help, here, to lose weight.

Hypotheses have also been handled that the mere fact of ingesting water generates energy expenditure in our body. It has even been specified by stating that drinking a pint of water burns 23 calories, which would mean losing 2 kilos a year. But the reality is that this point has not yet been sufficiently clarified.

There is even what is known as the ‘Japanese Water Diet’, which begins as soon as we wake up. Before even brushing our teeth, on an empty stomach, we must drink 4 glasses of warm water. Almost a liter of natural water, to which you can add a few drops of lemon.

Then you have to wait 45 minutes to have breakfast. After each meal, we must go for two hours without drinking. And at night, before going to sleep, we should gargle with salt water for 2 minutes.

And so there are multiple stories around water and its slimming power, which at the moment are more popular than scientific.

But what is scientifically proven is that adequate levels of water intake are important for the prevention of kidney diseases (urinary infections, kidney stones), cardiovascular and metabolic (obesity, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia).

For the rest, to really determine if water, by itself, has any direct effect on weight loss, further analysis and studies will be necessary.

In any case, we can affirm that it is the best supplement in weight-loss diets.